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Greetings to the website hellomartnepal.com. Hello Mart Nepal, an eCommerce company based in Nepal (collectively “Next,” “us” or “we”) is the owner and operator of the Website. Next, according to the following terms, grants you access to this Site services. Please carefully read these words (“Terms” or “Agreement”) as it applies to your use of the Site in general or to your registration for the establishment of an account or for the procurement of goods through the Platform without having an account. You commit to these Terms when visiting this Site. Please may not use the App, and please email us for any queries or orders, unless you comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Site License
We grant you a minimal license, but with our express written permission, to view and make personal use of this site and not copy or change it (other than caching the page) or any portion of the site. The licenses do not include any resale or commercial usage of this Platform or its contents; the compilation and use of any product lists, specifications or prices; the use thereof or its contents by derivative; the transfer or copying of account information to another retailer or connection for the use of web scraping, data processing, robots or the like, or retrieval and storage of data.

Without our express written permission, this Article, or any section thereof, shall not be replicated for any commercial purpose, duplicated, copied, distributed, resurrected, downloaded. Without specific written permission to hellomartnepal.com, you cannot frame or use framing methods for the entry of any logos, branding, or other proprietary material (including images, language, page structure, or form).

Without Hello Mart Nepal’s express written permission, you cannot use meta-tags or any other “coded message” that use our name. Any improper usage shall revoke our authorization and warrant. You have the right, as long as the connection does not represent Hello Mart Nepal or his goods in a fake, deceptive, insulting, or otherwise offensive manner, to create a hyperlink to Hello Mart Nepal’s homepage.

Without prior express written permission, no Hello Mart Nepal logo or other proprietary logos or trademarks can be used as part of the connect. Free shipping and all order packages remain the property of Hello Mart Nepal and cannot be repeated or used in combination with any other bid and are non-transferable.

You are prohibited to breach or threaten to breach the Site’s protection, including (a) access to the data not intended for such a user or sign into a server or an account the user is not allowed to use, or (b) attempt to search, inspect or monitor a device or network flaw or infringe security measures, (c) in breach of these Terms of Use, or in contravention of applicable legislation, the access or usage of this site or any part thereof, without permission.

Application and Account Details
You consent to take all responsibility for all actions which occur under your username or password if you use this Website and establish an account. You are responsible for protecting the integrity of your identity and password and for limiting access to your computer. When you are under the age of 16, only with the permission of a parent or guardian can use hellomartnepal.com. Hello Mart Nepal reserves the right, at our absolute discretion, to refuse to sell or supply to any person or company, decline to provide service, end or withdraw accounts, change content, or cancel orders.

Mailing List
Our product, advertising, and marketing will be paired with insights that we receive from other organizations and used to develop and customize our offerings. This can be achieved reciprocally as well. We are periodically available to closely filtered business sections of our mailing list. Contact us free or e-mail us at shop@hellomartnepal.com if you wish your name and mailing list to be inaccessible for us, or no longer want to access the next catalog or alert us to overlapping e-mails. First, your anonymity is protected. To review our Privacy Policy, please visit hellomartnepal.com

We reserve the right, at all times, to make amendments to our Policy, rules, and Terms. When any of these provisions shall be deemed to be unconstitutional, null, or useless for whatever cause, this provision shall be deemed to be severable and shall not affect the other provision’s validity and enforceability.

Updated on 1st January 2019.